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    Handmade Vintage Turkish Carpets and Rugs with wholesale prices starting from US$99. FAST SHIPPING, 100% Money Back Guarantee. 
    Join Us and and choose your carpet design and size  from choice of 15 colors.
    We process your order and produce your carpet within 10 biz days. We ship with INTER BY MngKargo to deliver your item within 3-4 days (EU& USA).  So It makes roughly two weeks for you to receive your choice of carpet at the possible lowest  price.
    Payment is by international credit cards.  Our SSL security provides you a secure on-line shopping experience.
    We don't keep credit card information.  Your payment is processed by your bank.
    P.S. PayPal and Turkish government resigned their agreement for a while, therefore we are not able to receive funds thru PayPal. 
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