TRENDING SNEAKERS - Your Everyday Fashion Statement

TRENDING SNEAKERS - Your Everyday Fashion Statement

Sneakers can never go out of fashion, they are like an incurable craving you get from time to time, you’ll never be satisfied until you fulfill your cravings. You might have numerous sneakers in your closet, but getting a new one is always a mission. Sneakers have graduated from just workout and grocery shoes to versatile fashion statements no closet staple can compete with. As much as the best trending sneakers are never-ending fashion objects, if you don’t follow sneakers trends you might only end up looking like a fashion victim 2020 has ushered in a lot of unexpected events from fear of the pandemic to environmental issues. It’s safe to surmise that once the world survives these challenges, sneakers will still remain a staple trend. But it’s not only going to be about the looks and the comfort alone but also about sustainability. Here are some best trending sneakers you should keep tabs on


● Kilim sneakers: if you love creative handmade sneakers, then you should get yourself some kilim sneakers. Kilim sneakers are crafted from hand-woven vintage Turkish rugs that give you comfort and style in a single package. Kilim sneakers are also perfect versatile footwears whether, for casual outings or high-end events, you can never go wrong in Kilim sneakers. The fact that Kilim is 100% wool makes it the best trending sneakers option for the summer. Ward off the heat of the summer by combining it with lighter and natural fabric outfits such as cotton and linen. Because Kilim sneakers are incorporate different colors, you can match it up with almost any kind f outfit and look good.


velvet ikat sneaker.   silk ikat sneaker

● Ikat sneakers: Ikat sneakers are a great alternative to heels and are one of the best trending sneakers you buy. The Ikat technique gives the ikat sneakers a well-dyed pattern on the fabric of the woven sneakers. With Ikat sneakers, you can look smart and beautiful, classy and handsome without hurting your feet. Ikat sneakers are a dream to wear on skirts, shorts, and dresses without missing your elegant looks. Ikat sneakers also make great dancing shoes if you want to show your moves.

● Platform soles: sneakers with platform soles have been reigning since 2018 and will continue to reign in 2020. The oversized sneakers with platform soles are a priceless fashion statement. Its no longer restricted to the male gender as ladies can pair it up with dresses or play it up with a power suit.

● Grandpa sneakers: grandpa sneakers may be old school but they have made a strong comeback especially if you are looking to rock the street style, pair them up with a dress, skirt, suit or even a plain white tee-shirt and you can make a street style statement

● Textured trainers: textured trainers are taking men’s fashion by storm in 2020 and you can’t get enough of it. From hairy suede runners to cord plimsolls to tactile fabric, your fashion taste just got better. Textured trainers are the change in fashion people welcome. It started in 2018 and it looks like it’s going nowhere.

leather sneaker

● Performance runners: If you love running and you want to get comfortable while practicing your best sport, performance runners are a top-notch choice for you. Performance runners are the best functional wear you can get. Run and sweat out the calories in style.

● Gore-Tex: The winter weather can be uncomfortable, even sneakers might not protect your sole from the harsh winter weather but Gore-Tex trainers are built to cope with the winter weather. The Gore-Tex sneakers are made of waterproof material and give sneakers a fresher and more functional angle.

● Vintage sneakers: in 2020, you are going to be seeing a lot of throwback sneakers that speak volumes about the fashion sense in the ’80s and ’90s. Just like vintage clothes vintage sneakers will continue to rock the world in 2020. Vintage sneakers are a special brand of cool and a must-have for every show stopper. While the best trending sneakers make your combination unique and appealing, you don’t have to break the bank to make a fashion statement. Look for quality and affordable best trending sneakers that appeal to your fashion sense and give you that flawless look you always aim for.

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