The History Of The Carpet

The History Of The Carpet

The First Carpets

10,000 years ago, nomadic peoples and the first settled farmers made carpets from sheep's wool. The oldest carpets should be conceived as a kind of felt. Their production was very simple: the cropped sheep's wool was wet, and the felt carpet was pressed repeatedly until it was finished.

The higher quality ones are hand-woven carpets, such as rugs, which are mostly made in the Caucasus, Iran and Turkey. The peculiarity of the rug is that the weft thread forms the pattern double-sided.

The oldest carpet ever found is Pasyryk. It was discovered by Russian archaeologists in the Altay Mountains in northern Mongolia. The carpet was stored in the tomb of a local prince for about 2,500 years.

Which Carpet Suits Me?

Should it be a carpet with a high pile or a short pile? And what material do you prefer? Do you prefer wool, cotton, jute or polyester? Round or square? Is it with or without a pattern? Should it be a modern Scandi carpet or an easy-to-care sisal carpet?

We have a lot of questions and answers!


Your Taste Is Important

Which carpet suits you? Even if we show you a few tips and tricks for choosing the right carpet below, this and that does not mean that there are features that must be adhered to! It's what you like that matters!

Dark or light carpet, round or square, large or small - you decide which carpet will find its place on your four walls. Since it is still not so easy to find the right carpet, we have listed some criteria for you that will make it easier for you to choose the right carpet!


  1. Carpet size and carpet color

The size of the room determines whether a large or small rug is more suitable for you. We recommend that you coordinate the room size and carpet size accordingly.

The color of the carpet is also very important. If you have small rooms, you should avoid dark colors. Dark shades make the rooms look smaller. Use light colors, such as white and beige. If you have large areas, you can relax: light-colored carpets may be preferred for optimal fit, or dark-colored carpets may be preferred to stand out.


  1. Carpets for different rooms

Living room and bedroom

Which carpet will fit in the living room and bedroom? It does not matter, the main thing is that it is pleasant-looking, soft and comfortable. We retreat in our living and sleeping space and let our souls rock. That is why comfort in these rooms is the beginning and the end of everything! When choosing carpets for such rooms, carpets with high pile are especially suitable, as they provide a lot of comfort due to their density and long pile.


Children room

The types of children's carpets are more numerous these days than ever before. Laying your own four walls and house as an oasis of well-being plays an increasingly important role, and this also applies to the living and playgrounds of our children. Washable children's carpets are especially recommended. Depending on their size, they can be easily washed in your washing machine at 30 degrees if something goes wrong while walking around. In addition, the extraordinary soft texture of children's rugs invites you to cuddle and fantasize and supports a warm room atmosphere.



When eating, it is recommended to place an easy-to-care rug, because the drinks we drink or the dishes we eat can suddenly tip over. Synthetic fiber carpets or sisal carpets are especially suitable here. However, you should avoid the placement of high-rise carpets. On the one hand, it is a pity that they do not come out neatly under the dining table, on the other hand, high pile carpets are not always easy to clean, which is not ideal enough for stains and dirt from food.



Since this area of the apartment is used intensively, the carpets placed in the hallway must first of all have a solid character and be durable. Sisal carpets are suitable for both the office and the hallway. But rugs can also be optimally integrated into any hallway, such as sisal carpets.



A kitchen rug should have properties similar to a hallway rug. Depending on how your kitchen is located, all shapes will fit initially. However, since many kitchens are narrow, sturdy rugs are especially suitable for kitchen areas. Short-haired or straight weaves made of synthetic fibers are best suited. Sisal carpets are suitable only to a limited extent. But despite the fact that they are durable and long-lasting, they do not get along well with water. Therefore, you should choose waterproof synthetic fiber carpet or easy-to-care outdoor carpet.



What carpet would fit in the bathroom if there was no bath mat? This question is asked quite often. Due to the high humidity, carpets made of cotton or synthetic fibers are especially suitable. These materials dry quickly, provide thermal insulation and are durable. This makes them ideal as bath rugs. In short, thanks to its properties, the outdoor carpet also fits perfectly into the bathroom.


  1. Pile height: is it a long pile carpet or a short pile carpet?

Long-haired carpets

Shaggy carpets or long-haired carpets can be placed primarily in the living room and bedroom. Due to the soft materials, they give the rooms a warm atmosphere. A long downy carpet in the children's room is a good idea. Because it is comfortable and soft, but it is not particularly suitable for playing. Small pieces of toys can get lost among the long decollete hairs.

Shaggy carpets should not be placed in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen. A high-pile carpet in the bathroom and kitchen can come into contact with too much moisture and liquid, causing its structure to deform over time.

Short-haired carpets

Short-pile carpets are very versatile, because due to the flat structure they are suitable not only for decorative use. Plain woven carpets are especially useful because they differ in height from short-haired carpets and, on the contrary, are hairless. In contrast to long-haired carpets, short-haired and plain-woven carpets can be used in any room.


  1. Material: natural fiber or synthetic fiber?

Pay attention to the material

When it comes to carpets, the material plays an important role in the purchase decision. Carpets can be made from natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or both. For example, do you need a carpet that is easy to maintain and at the same time durable? Then we recommend synthetic fiber carpets.

Differences in cleaning

Materials have different properties. Carpets made of synthetic fibers are easier to care for than silk carpets.

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