Kilim Shoes for Women

Women have always been crazy about shoe selection and I think it's natural. I believe that your footstep determines your way.

Tom Ford once said “Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move“.

And according to Hardy Amies – It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes.

kilim shoes

Kilim Shoes

Women Kilim shoes are one of a kind, unique combination of style, Tradition and History. Wearing and feeling kilim shoes is a cool way to combine traditional and historical art.


A kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug historically produced in nations of the previous Persian Empire, along with Iran, the Balkans and the Turkic nations.

Kilim shoes

Kilim shoes are a traditional handy craft. Kilim shoes are made up of kilim fabric and real leather. Women's kilim shoes are sophisticated and more comfortable than others. “Shoes speak louder than words” What makes kilim shoe superior to other.

When we came across shoes, they are mostly made up of leather or any other processed material. Like Mostly people don’t think that shoe can be handmade! Kilim shoes are the only shoe which is providing you an original traditional touch. Kilim shoe is handmade with lots of color in a single piece. There is no need to be worry about matching ,you can utilize one kilim shoe with various dresses too

Mostly shoes have a single plain color. Kilim shoes have a wide range of variety. One can easily select according to their taste.

Trends in Kilim Shoes

Kilim shoes always remain in trends. No body can deny this fact. The ease and comfort maintain their continuity.

80 percent of people when deciding to buy the shoes for their self their priorities are ;

• Comfortableness

• Ease of walking

• Flexibility

• Soft soul

Kilim shoes are providing all these. As kilim shoes are made up of wool, soft cotton or animal hairs, it is perfect for all Teenage girls always in jeans so kilim shoes look perfect and trendy with jeans of any type. The women's above than 70, always want something comfortable plus traditional, so kilim shoes are the best choice for them.

Kilim shoes has flexibility, so their feet remain happy for an even longer time period.

Kilim shoe are more than a blessing, for full time working ladies.

There are variety of kilim shoes online as well as in the local market. The style, the color you wanted can easily be picked on one click. Full time working ladies mostly want to look professional, so they may go for plain colors as well, for kilim shoes oe velvet shoes. Kilim shoes are great for regular use for housewives,who have to drag their babies. House wives remain active 24/7 ,the shoes must be of such type which is really soft and flexible at the same time shoe should protect the feet from external environment like dust particle. Those women who always are in search of something trendy with the touch of tradition so kilim shoes is the best choice for them ever.

Can flat footed person wear kilim shoes?

An estimated %20 to %30 of the general population have an arch or have flat feet. Flat footed persons ,need to wear more comfortable and flexible shoes. Some time they have to do sacrifice with their choices, but with the wide range of style, colour and design ,there is no need to do sacrifice. Kilim shoes have a flat soul which goes well with flat footed. In shorts ,its complete blend of style, tradition , comfort and ease for any group of people.

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