How do you keep your closet organized?

How do you keep your closet organized?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you look in your closet?

Is it getting harder and harder to put new clothes in it?

Then it's time to overhaul your clothes and the products you store. With a little time and effort, anyone can create a wonderful wardrobe. You can keep your closet organized by cleaning your cabinet and sorting out things you don't want, then rearranging creatively. I also wanted to share the tips that make this process easier for me.

1.Make a schedule Spare part of the day or even your whole day to clean your closet. Depending on how large or complex your wardrobe is, consider and evaluate how long it will take to complete the task. When I set the start and end time for myself, this cleaning and regeneration process makes me feel less tired. Because I know that I will have finished my work at that hour and will have a wonderful refreshed, regular closet. And from that point on, I can go to rest in a very peaceful mind.

2. How do I organize: I definitely take everything out of my closet and put them all on my bed. Including jewelry. I clean my cabinet deeply. My wardrobe is open, don’t have doors. Therefore, there can be a lot of dust and dirt. And since it is open, even small scatters are very eye-catching. I wipe the cabinet with a slightly damp cloth, sometimes I use a disinfectant spray. Then I dehumidify with a lint-free dust cloth to make all surfaces spotless. After I finish cleaning the cabinet, I sort the ones I took out from the cabinet in 4 stacks. One of them is “I love it, it will definitely stay!”, other one “Maybe i will keep it” , third one “ Donate it” and the last one is “recycle”. As I put all the clothes on my bed, I have to collect all on my bed until the sleep time! No way out!  Well, if you say what to do, to avoid getting bored while doing these things, I bring my Bose and open my Spotify list which I enjoy most, and of course I also get drink water and also don’t forget to have celebration snacks.  You see, it doesn’t seem that boring. The most important trick of this job is not to think much about each product. Take the product in your hand and put it in one of the 4 groups in line with your current feeling.

how to fold clothes

 I am talking about the first few seconds of the moment, danger if you extend the time !!! While that product is a product that needs to get out of your closet, you may notice that you have folded it in the closet again , though you have not been wearing it for months or years. I know what is in your mind at that moment  ..ohh it is very beautiful, if I wear it, if i get slim i will definitely wear it, ... Therefore, making quick decisions reduces the density of your cabinet faster. Get rid of "donations" and "recyle" as soon as possible. Give the clothes you want to donate as soon as possible and bag the pile you have separated with the "recycle" label and put them in the recycling bins. Sometimes I am keeping some old socks or tshirts to make puppets, toys, etc. for my son. You can also evaluate some for different purposes. And we finally finished.......


Now you only have the clothes you need and love!

You can rest comfortably… ;)

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