New Version of World: Covid19. Did you update?

New Version of World: Covid19. Did you update?

What is a pandemic?

How many people knew the meaning of this word before February?

However, even 3-year-old children learned today. Now, Pandemic sat on the agenda of the whole world. And for the first time in our lives, we stay at home like in a prison under the name of quarantine.

To me, the World with Corona Virus has been updated to a new version. The corona virus pandemic has changed many things about our daily lives. However, today I wanted to write about fashion, one of the most important sectors affected by Covid19. It is necessary to find a good in every bad. This process, which we had to, was an opportunity for those who could not spare enough time for themselves, their home, their hard work, their children and their families. It has been a time when we asked ourselves many questions? I would like to ask you a few of them.

Do you think that fashion matters when you constantly have to stay at home? In order to share pictures on Instagram and Facebook, to open a live broadcast, clothes were worn and make-up was done. But if social media were not available, would people spend 24 hours in pyjamas and continue the next day with the same pyjamas? COVID-19 completely changed our fashion outlook.

Who will you impress with your outfit while isolating yourself? We have reviewed many issues. Our fashion choices and the clothes that we want to spend our money on. The fact that we need to shop more carefully is in the conscience of many people, but the fact that we have to stay at home in practice did not affect the shopping of people. Online sales continued. In addition to fancy shopping, we have seen that this process also points to clothes that prioritize more comfort and durability. Therefore, if you want to bring your wardrobe back to basic, you should buy casual clothing and shoes, slippers that will make your insulation more bearable and in some cases more fun. Sneakers, flats, loafers, slippers are among the most preferred models of all of us in this process.

At the beginning of my article, I said that the World was updated to a new version with Corona Virus. I regret that people who are unable to adapt to this new version of the world will disappear after a while. For this reason, we should always be careful and cautious in the process called the normalization process. And need to update our habits and lifestyle.

Let's stay at home & be healthy.

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