Bohemian Style

Nomadic, often vilified group called Gypsies are called “ Bohemiens “ in French. Bohemians are interested in art, music, spiritual things, literature and living in an unconventional way. Bohemian lifestyle is an unconventional lifestyle. Bohemian style is mostly expressed as “boho” or “boho chic”. Boho style or boho chic style is a style that was popular in 1960s and 1970s. Boho style pay attention to nature, therefore natural and vegetable dyed fabrics are generally used. If you want to reflect bohemian style, you should keep in mind that you are trying to create a sort of gypsy look. You need to create layers, you need to mix patterns and textures. No worries whether the patterns match with each other, choose the patterns you like and combine them. You can choose a base color and choose fabrics or materials accordingly. Consider mixing textures and patterns on pillows and rugs which are really important materials in Home Décor. Kilim Pillow Covers are the best materials in creating Bohemian style Home Décor, because kilim pillows are different patterned and lots of color combination and they are all unique and made of vintage natural dyed rugs. Mixing many kilim pillowcases create an amazing bohemian style. RUGS are the number one material in Home Decoration. Therefore carpet and rug selection is important in Home Décoration. To create Bohemian style, you need to use Bohemian Rug.

The question is : What is Bohemian Rug?

Bohemian rug is a Vintage rug with vivid colors and mixed patterns. Bohemian Rugs are full of artistical, mixed and intensive patterns. Bohemian Rug can be a vintage kilim rug, overdyed vintage rug or a patchwork rug. What I like in Bohemian style is you feel free, you do not feel stuck in a certain concept. You can mix various materials and textures. With a Bohemian Rug, you can use kilim pillow, ikat pillow, suzani pillow or any other throw pillows made of satin, faux, fur or cotton fabrics.

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