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    "Kilim" or "Kelim" is a word used for hand woven rug with mostly geometric

    patterns which are mostly inspiration of the weaver.  They usually look ethnic and

    tribal and all patterns, symbol represent a notion, wish or emotion.  Kilim Rugs

    were used to be handwoven by the nomads and villagers in Turkey back in old

    times.  They are usually in rectangular shapes, but long kilim runners were also

    handwoven to decorate halls, stairs or for laying down outdoors. Kilim Rugs are

    very durable because of materials ( mostly wool, sometimes goat hair and rarely

    cotton) and have vibrant colors ( mostly vegetable dyes).  On a typical kilim runner

    you can find more than 10 different colors, which is not possible in machine made

    rug runners.


    TheOrientBazaar collects Vintage Kilim Runners from villagers, nomads and clean

    them with special processes before putting in to warehouse. We have +1000 kilim

    rugs , kilim runners of different regions of Turkey, Moldova and Persia. If you are l

    ooking for a special size 6x12, 4x12, 4x10, 4x 16 or else, we can find your size. If

    you have difficulty in finding your unique kilim runner, please ask our customer

    service support by dropping your mail in messaging box or by calling us. It is really

    very hard to browse all vintage kilim runners. We can curate 15-20 pieces closer to

    your preferences.

    For orders $100 and more we have a free shipping policy and full refund if you are



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