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    Turkish Kilim Rugs are traditional hand-crafts of home decoration. Many countries have their special type of Kilim or Kelim rug which reflect their unique cultures. They have various patterns and symbols which are characterized by local cultures. Each symbol is designed to tell the hand-crafter's expression. Nomad or village ladies first listen to their inspirtaions and then design the rug in which way to express their thoughts. Because geometric, animal designs on the rug are a way to express wishes and expectations from life.

    They are  mostly made of wool or goat hair with vibrant colors by young ladies. Turkish Kilim Rugs are very famous in the world for their stunning colors and patterns. Their way of wearing make them stronger.  Turkish Kilim Rugs are  divided into four sections according to the vegetable dyes used and the motifs used in the respective area:

    • Turkmen kilim rugs

    • Nomad kilim rugs

    • Kurdish kilim rugs

    • Turkish kilim rugs


    TheOrientBazaar offers rich collection of Turkish Kilim Rugs online. If you cannot find the one you are looking for , please contact us to give more offers. Designers are well come as a customer or as supplier.  We look for new rugs designs to be hand knotted with turkish rug style.  If you are a designer or want to design your own rug please contact with us for such querries.


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