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    Saddle bags were made by Nomads to carry their goods on horses or donkeys. Saddlebags are also hand knotted, like flat woven rugs; some of the saddle bags are knotted in different technic which is called jijim . Hand Knotted rugs are a kind of picture of an artist. Hand knotted rugs and handmade saddle bags bring oriental atmosphere to our home. Nowadays smaller saddle bags are placed on a decorative wood and used like a newspaper or magazine holder. Larger Saddle Bags can be used as a decorative large cushion cover in front of fireplace. Handcrafted goods bring warmth in our living areas.
    Kilim Saddlebag Free Shipping | Ships within 24 Hours $750.00 $937.50
    Vintage Kilim Rug Size: 2x5 | Free Shipping | Ships within 24 Hours $529.00 $990.00
    Kilim Saddle Bag Size: 3x7 | Free Shipping | Ships within 24 Hours $599.00 $899.00
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