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    Kilim or Kelim is a name of typical flat woven rug without piles on simple looms. Weaving technique of Kilim Rug  is different from regular rug. Flat woven Kilim Rugs had been traditionally  hand-crafted by  nomads, villages to decorate their living spaces. 

    Kilim Runners are long rectangular rugs which are designed to furnish hallways, passages or stairways. Since they are flat and thinner than regular rugs, Kilim Rug Runners can be easily fixed over stairways.

    The materials used to produce Kilim Runner are mostly wools and sometimes cotton.  Unlike synthetic materials, wool Kilim Runner are not inflammable (not easily flammable). They are strong and can withstand long years.

    The motifs on Kilim Runner are generally tribal, ethnic and resemblance of nature. Hands on the Hips, Goat Horn, Scorpion, Lady Hand, Spike are common figures on Kilim Runner.

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