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    Browse through TheOrientBazaar Patchwork Kilim Rugs online with astonishing models of the patchwork rugs. TheOrientBazaar offers a rich spectrum of Patchwork Kilim Rugs online. Since we have myriad of 2.000+Kilims all in our stock . We have kilims from all over Turkey as well as eastern europe and eastern Turkey. We are able to produce so stunning types of patchwork kilim  carpets, because of our rich stock . Patchworks are astonishing because they look like puzzle. It makes people tend to figure out the whole kilim pattern. That’s why It is so interesting. Patchwork Kilim  Rugs can decorate offices, homes , shops, restuarnts and outdoors because they are very durable and they become even more beautiful as they age.

    Our artisans decide and select which kilim rugs to be cut into pieces and then how to be re-assambled. We use hand sewing and machine sewing technique for re-assembling. You can carefully view the borders and patterns through zoom functionality of our online store. All are in our stock and we ship same day.

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