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  • Bessarabian Rugs

    Rose Kilim Rugs , also called " Bessarabian" were handmade in Moldova and Mountenegro, Eastern European sates. 
    These Caucasian Kilims were handmade in 1940s and made of 100% sheep wool and natural dyes. 
    These unique rugs are well known with their flower motifs on a dark and rarely (these one are more valuable) beige background. 

    These Rugs are called Rose Kilims, because mostly rose motifs are used. 
    Rose Kilims were also used to decorate the large walls of rich people . Historically these rugs had been used to decorate the palaces, maissons of Europe.

    Rose Kilims are a special art of weaving. Nowadays it becomes hard to find these Rose Kilims in Moldova. Our colleague, do their best to repair those pieces which needs repair.

    Rose carpets can decorate your floors, walls or even outdoors. It can be a big surprise and unforgettable memo, if you give it as a X-MAS gift. You should consider your purchase as an investment which will never lose its value as It gets older and older. Most probably , this item will have a much higher value in the future.
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