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    Turkish Vintage Carpets are famous for their colors, knot technique, material and designs. Rugs and rug making had been important part of lives of Turks since 9th century when they were in Central Asia. In fact, Iran Rugs have been said that they are insipired and affected from Turkish Rugs in 15th century. Gordes Knot tying technique on single loom is what made Turkish Rugs original for centuries.

    Famous Turkish Vintage Rugs that beautified Ottoman Palaces and which became theme of European Painters are mainly Oushak Rugs which come in 2 major designs. One is Medallion Pattern Oushak  Rug and the other is Star Pattern Oushak  Rug.

    Turkish Rugs and Kilims are not limited to Oushak Rugs. Hereke Rugs are as famous as Oushak Rugs for their small flower patterns as well as their fine knot techniques. In addition to these, different regions of Turkey have their unique type of Rug. Among them are Isparta Rugs, Kayseri Rugs, Kars Rugs, Çanakkale Rugs etc. You can buy hand made carpets in our  online shop and we ship same day. We have huge collection of Hand Made Vintage Carpets in TheOrientBazaar. Therefore our store offers large range of Vintage carpets at affordable prices.

    TheOrientBazaar was established in 1936 by our grand-grand parents in Malatya. Our shop  was used to be in Grand Bazaar around more than 20 years. Now we also serve our customers online. You can browse through and buy hand made rugs online in our store. All stock is available in our store and we ship same day. If you want to see more pictures , please let us know.


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