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  • October 02, 2013



    TheOrientBazaar is a family company, that has been doing business in handmade carpets,rugs, kilims and home accessories since 1936. We have a lot of experience and life stories left to us by our grand-grand- fathers.

    We have been recording all these experiences and stories. Now it is time to share all these valuable experiences and stories with you!

    Each of the carpets, rugs and kilims have their own stories. Actually they are reflecting our lives to us. In the old ages, there were no pictures the women were looking at to weave. The rugs were the mirror of their life, their dreams,their heart and their hope.

    We shouldn’t forget that handmade carpets are living lives, those will never die.

    Most of the people around the world buy a carpet at least once. But how many of us think about the story, we generally look at the colors, symbols and the size whether it will fit our place or not. And decide accordingly.

    You know what is  fascinating is having those handmade carpets that are running thru a life tunnel with a rich history. They have a huge power in our life that we do not even recognize. They do a bear witness of the lives they walk through. Some period of time they lighten and bear witness of a poet’s life, in some period they live with a leader, in another period they live with an artist, etc. Every year they get older, they become more valuable because they strengthen their property with the valuable stories of all those people who walk on them.

    If ever we know the stories of those carpets, we will see those rugs in another perspective and with some other feelings.

    We need to take care of them as a part of our family.

    If ever you have such experiences and stories, why don’t you share with us?

    From our perspective, carpet/rug means root of our history. We need to save our history. We feel very sorry if someone throw away the carpet they get bored. Therefore, we collect the rugs that people don’t want to live together anymore. Before throwing away your rugs, pls contact us. We may be the next.

    We would like to develop this blog with you!  With interaction of YOU valuable readers and customers.

    Why don’t you send us picture of the carpet you bought from The Orient Bazaar?

    We and all readers would be glad to see how it lightens in his new home. 

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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