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  • May 23, 2019


    Turkish Oushak Rugs

    If your thinking of buying or owning a rug or a carpet, the best country in the world that you can get rugs is of course Turkey.

    In Turkey, especially in Anatolia, you can get the most beautiful and attractive carpets that you can ever see. There is just one place in Turkey, where rugs are very special. The name of the place is called Oushak.

    Turkish Oushak rugs are the best ones that you can buy. The designs and the colours, one will be attracted to very much. The designs are always filled with shapes and nature. You can ask any carpet or rug seller in Turkey.

    Turkish Oushak Rugs

    Where To Buy An Oushak Rug

    You can find a Oushak rug anywhere you want in Turkey. Oushak or in other words, the Turkish people call the place Uşak, is one of the most important places that makes and sells rugs.

    Oushak rugs have a category of its own when you go to carpet and rug shops. If you want to have a large design of a carpet or a rug in your livingroom or in your room, then you should buy one Oushak rug.

    It will look nice anywhere you use it. All the patterns in the rug will be connected together and when you look at it, you will be able to see the big picture.


    The antique and unique look of the rug effectives many people, who like to decorate their houses with carpets and rugs.

    Rugs have been designed in Oushak or in the original name Uşak ever since the Ottoman period. You can understand from this, that the Oushak rugs are very ancient in terms of age.

    Turkish Oushak rugs are one of the most expensive carpets you can get in Turkey. The rugs are heavier and and stronger than the other carpets and rugs that you can get. Once you have one in your house, you won’t be able to give up on it.


    Designs of Oushak Rugs

    Oushak rugs are very large in size. So if anyone wants to get just one big sized carpet or rug, people specially go for the Oushak rug, because even one is enough to have in one room. The sizes vary, so whatever size you want your rug, you can go to the shop and see for youselves. They are generally in a rectangular shape, therefore unless you want a special Oushak rug to be made for youself, the rugs and carpets are always long and rectangular.

    The colours used for Oushak rugs are always combinational, which means that all the colours on the rug match each other.

    Turkish Oushak Rugs

    Turkish Oushak rugs are very carefully woven by machines. For the reason that they are woven with machines, the producer must be very careful in using the right design and colours, because once the weaving starts, it will be impossible to go back and change the mistakes. If there is something wrong, it will mean that the carpet will be woven with mistakes.

    When you look at the rugs, you will be able to see how ancient they look or are made to look. Oushak rugs are everywhere in the world. Wherever you go, you can be sure to see Oushak rugs used.


    Colours Used In A Oushak Rug


    When you look carefully at an Oushak or a Uşak rug, you will notice that the colours in the rugs are maybe very dull and dim. Some people do not like dull colours, but after it is woven and placed in your house, the colours pop out.

    The colours on the rug no longer look dim. Any colour can be used on the rugs and carpets. If you take a look and research on Oushak rugs, you will see that there are thousands of different colours used, but normally the colours and tones of the carpet are specified. Most of the time colours of orange and its tones are used.


    Turkish Oushak rugs are very important in terms of the colours that are used to weave them. If more than 3 colours are going to be used in the rug, the producer must be very careful, so that all 3 colours match each other.

    The colours must not be looking in different ways. The colours must help the designs and shapes used in the rug to stand out. Just imagine having a carpet, with only even 2 colours, but the colours do not match each other and when you look at the picture in the rug, it’s going to look outrageous and a mess.


    Designs and Shapes Used On The Carpet


    Take a look at the thousands and millions of Oushak carpets and rugs. When you look at them, you will see that the shapes and designs used in the carpets make them look ancient.

    The shapes used are generally patterns and symbolic shapes like; circles, diamonds, lines and sometimes even shapes close to flowers, leaves and trees, but you will never see shapes of living things. Not just in Oushak rugs, you will not be able to see any living patterns in Turkish rugs. This is actually a little to do with the history and beliefs. The patterns used in the rugs start from the very top and lead down to the bottom.


    Some rugs or carpets also have frames. When you look at the Turkish Oushak rugs, you will see that the rug has a frame and then the main patterns are woven inside the frame. The carpet is just like a picture on a wall, but just in this case, it is used to decorate and floor and for people to sit on it. The carpets that have the tones of orange and red, make out a very nice Oushak rug. When the frame of the rug is lighter or dimmer in tone to the main part of the rug, it makes it look outstanding. If you don’t have one, you should definitely get an Oushak rug to decorate the floor in your house with some warm colours and attractive Orient designs.

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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