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  • October 14, 2017


    Turkish Kilim Rugs History

    Rugs and weaving of carpets are the most important hand crafts of Turkish culture. Turkish Kilim Rugs that have rich motifs and stylish weaving impress the whole world. Here is a short summary of  Turkish carpets and their weaving ;

    • Carpets take an important part of Turkish culture since their nomadic life. Carpets and Kilims were used in nomad tents because of their durability and rich patterns
    • The Turkish weavers created their own motifs and stylish rug weaving art  in the period of Great Seljuq and Anatolian Seljuq.
    • The Turkish Kilim Rugs have been generally produced by using geometric and nature motifs before Ottoman Empire period.
    • The motifs of Turkish Rugs appears to have  some changes in 16th century- Ottoman Empire period because of culture of the other countries that were conquered.
    • In these times, European civizilations discovered all these wonderful carpets and then, they have showed interest in. Consequently, motifs that could be enjoyed by europeans started appearing on the Turkish Kilim Rugs
    • The houses of many European palaces and distinguished Europeans ' houses were used to be decorated with Turkish carpets and famous Turkish Rugs and Kilims are now to be exhibited in world's important museums.
    • Renaissance painters such as Hans Holbein and Jean -Ethienne Liotard admired Turkish Rugs and they were inspired and painted hand knotted turkish carpets in their drawings. Some of the lost motifs of 1400-1500 era had been retrieved by investigating these artists' paintings.Kilim Rugs
    • After the Ottoman Empire period, Turkish carpet weaving hand crafts continues to develop day by day. The carpets woven by different techniques and different characteristics in different regions of Turkey are no longer produced that much. Turkish Carpet and Kilim hand crafts are protected and supported by the government on order to keep this legacy.
    • Nowadays, tourists coming to Turkey  can see outstanding rug collections in major museums, Grand Bazaar and Bab-i Al-i Bazaar, which is the house for major wholesalers of Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs.
    • You can buy Stylish Vintage Rugs online here or visit our shop located in Bab-i Al-i Bazaar.
    • Sources:, History Of Turkish Rugs, 2007, Galata Press

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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