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  • September 08, 2017


    Aura of Home Décor — Significance of Rugs

    How a person adorns her usual surroundings, tells a lot about him as an individual. The way he chooses colors, patterns, and furnishes of his house conveys a great deal about his likes and dislikes. The aura of Home Decor rugs is formed by one's choices. 

    Over that, the decors of a house play a bigger role than just enhancing the physical appearance of one's place. It brings a clearer and tranquil aura to a home, creates a sense of familiarity for the people who live there, and makes the place homely.


    Carpets and Rugs are crucial elements of home decoration which embodies and compliments living rooms, bed rooms, kitchen and halls. Turkish vintage rugs bring rich choices of color, texture, and designs , usually, one of a kind designs for home furnishing. Significance of Rugs come from versatility that there can be up to 14 different colors and various patterns that is not possible to manufacture in machine made carpets. Turkish vintage carpets are all hand made by girls and women mostly living in villages or nomadic camps. Hand woven rugs reflect regional patterns that can be easily identified by rug experts with regards to where and when such a Turkish rug is hand woven. Various colors, patterns and texture of Vintage hand woven rugs touch the aura of Home.

    According to several interior designers, the starting point to decorating a room is the floor. Because, we watch, walk on the floor. We feel the texture, color and borders with other furniture. Significance of rugs in home decor is enhanced by  their unique look and engagement withe other furniture in the house. Beautiful living rooms with hand made Turkish Rugs give a different aura of living room than with those of machine made rugs. Red Turkish Rugs, Blue hand woven vintage rugs and many other colored rugs can easily fit your living room or bed room or halls.

    Ambiance of oriental rugs in modern home décor

    Bringing Classic Colors and Vintage Look

    There are several reasons to keep Oriental Rugs on top of your list when it comes to home décor.

    They are completely handmade (either from wool, silk or cotton), so they're hundred percent natural, the result being the friendliness they bring to the environment of the home.


    The outcome of no use of artificial glue and fibers is that they don't rot or decay with time, and when it comes to the point of getting them washed, they don't leave any sort of color, not do their designs fade. These rugs are knotted only in Turkey and central Asia. Hand made Vintage Turkish rugs live longer and can be legacy to your children and grand children. Hand woven quality design rugs don’t lose value over the time. In fact, they become much more valuable rugs for investment.

    rugsHand-knotted rugs are truly works of art. Each has its own uniqueness, an irreplaceable masterpiece made of love, sweat, and fabric. These wool or silk rugs are creations you can be full of pride to add to your place and pass down to the next generation as family heirlooms.

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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