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  • May 21, 2019



    Kitchen is very important for all people. I think heart of our homes. Especially for Turkish people kitchen is extremely important. Most of Turkish people spend their time in kitchen when they are at home. It is not only the place to prepare and cook food. Depending on the size, kitchen is used as a place to eat and to welcome guests as well. It is the inevitable place for Turkish women. Drinking Turkish coffee in a nice decorated kitchen and fortune telling is one of the best pleasure of Turkish women.

    Turks generally prefer to be together with friends and family instead of eating alone. Therefore kitchen design and useful usage is very important.

    If the place of kitchen is proper, generally a nice big table is placed and comfortable chairs or small sofas are the most preferred goods. Turkish Kilim Rugs are one of the most indispensable element of decoration. Since these rugs represents the culture and the history, it gives warmer and frank feeling. But decoration is not enough, you need to smell the beautiful taste of Turkish food.

    Turkish cuisine is one of the leading taste of the world.

    As being the heir of the Ottoman culture Turkish cuisine has influenced and has been influenced by Balkan and Middle East. Turkish cuisine varies from region to region. Black Sea cuisine, South east cuisine, such as the Central Anatolian cuisine most of the regions have their own rich meal. Kebap is one of the delicious and famous food of Turkey, but Turkey has many different kind of regional foods that shouldn’t be forgotten when you visit Turkey.


    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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