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  • May 21, 2019



    Wash Carpet Watchpoints

    Carpet cleaning companies argue that their work is excellent quality, their assessment is non-receipt of customer complaints.

    However, many consumers do not reflect their complaints to the companies, and this becomes a positive criteria for the company. Consumer makes cleaning superficially, when consumer takes delivery of carpet that looks clean without any stain, believes that it was a good quality service.

    In fact, a professional carpet cleaner should not leave the control of cleaning quality to a consumer.

    There is a certain procedure for carpet cleaning, when these standards are applied he will provide both the consumer and himself to be happy.

    Important Applications while Washing Carpet

    • Before washing, powders of carpets should be taken out
    • Should be chosen a washing method according to the degree of pollution.
    • Should be chosen the appropriate product according to the degree of pollution of the carpet
    • The personnel who will wash the carpet, should be trained
    • Rinse water features
    • Spin machine features
    • Drying area features
    • Should have appropriate packaging system


    Taking out the powder of carpets before washing carpets, has a very important role in good quality cleaning. The carpet that has been washed after the powders are taken off, will attain a more vibrant and bright colors.


    Washing method should be arranged according to the degree of soiling of the carpet. If you apply the same process on each carpet,then you will not achieve a standard of quality. 


     Generally most of the carpet cleaners use the standard product for each carpet. The important thing here is the ingredient of the product instead of price of the product.

    When you apply the product to the carpet, this product should mitigate the soils and take off the ordinary spots. As washing, rinsing is also extremely important. If carpet hasn’t been rinsed well, then some detergent will remain and adhere carpets that will cause carpets to be soiled and become dull in a short time.


    The level of lime in rinsing water should be low. High lime content of water will harden carpet, because it will remain on the carpet. Softener is not a solution for that because softener neutralizes the static electricity generated during washing, does have no effect on lime.


    The staff who is going to wash the carpet, should complete the necessary trainings, in order to apply carpet cleaning process perfectly without any mistake.

    The staff who knows what kind of process to apply to which kind of carpet, will be very effective in the quality of the process.


    A crucial factor affecting the quality of washed and rinsed carpet is spining. By selecting proper spin speed, the softened dirt and stains in the carpet thrown from the inside to outward with centrifugal force. The machine which doesn’t work in the proper speed, will have difficulties to take out the soils and there will be yellow discoloration on the carpet while it is left for drying and drying time will get longer.


    The place where washed carpets are suspended, should be elected carefully. There shouldn’t be vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic. Otherwise it will be exposed to negative outside influences and all the procees done for cleaning would be wasted.



    Carpet washed by the proper washing procedure is the seal of quality control and packaging. Therefore, final contol is very important.

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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