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  • May 21, 2019


    How to Choose Your Best Rug

    Carpets are one of the most important pieces of decoration. They have very different uses.

    - Materials used in manufacturing carpet and rug weaving technique are the most important properties of carpet. This is the most important point which must be observed,in order for carpet to be longevous.

    - Appropriate decoration to your home, will show your home much more beautiful and different. Therefore, color selection is important.

    -To determine and select the appropriate measure for your home, is also very important. Before you go for shopping to buy carpet, you need to measure the rooms, overall width and length.

    1) The Material of Carpet used in Production and The Importance of Weaving Technique

    - Manufacturing material of the carpet is more important than the weaving frequency. Manufacturing material (acrylic, wool, polyester, etc. ) is the most crucial factor that affect the life and cleaning of the carpet. According to our experience and accepted experience in this area; raw materials that facilitate cleaning of the carpet and prolonging the life of the carpet, are Acrylic and Wool materials.

    - The weaving frequency of the carpet is a significant factor but comes after raw material. How much dense the rug is weaved, harder the rug keeps the dust and dirt. In this way, you can keep and protect your carpet same as new carpet which can not be distinguished.

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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