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  • November 20, 2017




    Kilim Rugs

     As new year approaching, a lot of interior designers, home decorators are predicting what new home decor of 2018 will look like. Minimalist effects has faded away to some extent. It’s no longer as hot topic as in 2000s. Also you can see our Kilim Rugs collection. However, Minimalism in home decoration will never be discarded. Because taste of the people vary with ages as well as socio-economic environment.  Minimalism will find its followers in new aging population.  Soft colors, pastel hues , faded-look are featured in minimalism realm. 

    Vintage  Rugs with plain back-grounds with simple geometric designs are good representation of Minimalist home decoration. Geometric design Turkish Kilim with faded colors can compliment an aura of minimalist living room or dining room. Soft colors of orange, yellow,pale blue, faded green can resemble rainbow on the floor of living room by the sofa or fire-place. Silk Ikat pillows of zigzag pattern with transient colors of red, pink, tiel and Turquoise over shades of white pile can impress minimalist lovers. Overdyed carpets, or recolored vintage rugs can add  minimalist influence in your living room. The Orient Bazaar offers splendid collection of pillows, area rugs, overdyed vintage rugs which can compliment minimalist houses.


    Brightly  Colored furnitures, sofas, curtains, pillows and area rugs will also prevail its trends in the new year 2018. Bright colored area rugs compliment living rooms with abundant sun shine or even rooms with inadequate sun shine. Bright colors of Vintage Turkish Rugs will enrich houses with its geometric or ethnic designs. Turkish Kilims, flat woven with bright colored wool yarns can be used as an accessory to be laid on large single soft color sofas. If the room  is decorated with glossy items such as large sofas, or if the walls are with plain soft colors, bright colored vintage area rugs embellish the atmosphere in the room. Kilim rugs with bright multi colors are good options for floor decoration in small, large houses or cottages. Hand woven flat kilims can bear up to 14 different colors of wool yarns. No machine made rug can have such a variety of colors. Kilim Rugs

    Another reason that hand made Turkish kilim rugs are preferred by home decorators is that the piles, colors withstand wears of years. Unlike machine made rugs, they don’t let their colors go off easily. Also, when they lose their brightness over the years, they turn into a good investment. You can sell it more than the price you spent.


    Vintage Home decor will always be one of the choices of interior designers in the new year 2018. Vintage items, like, chandeliers, furniture, area rugs, give a sense of link between past and now. People, surprisingly at all ages, rate vintage items higher in their preference for home decoration. Vintage area rugs, ie, Persian Rugs, Hand Knotted Turkish Rugs or Flat woven Turkish Kilims, Moroccan Kilim are characterized by the age, society in which they were produced. Therefore, vintage rugs give a sense of legacy and they have their own personality. Each rug speaks out its weawer’s interests and wishes.  Ethnic motifs on vintage rugs tell a story or refer a wish. Vintage carpets give an old look with a feeling of nobleness and history. Interior designers prefer Vintage Area Rugs for their clients who look for uniqueness and a historical identity. Hand-made Turkish Rugs in mid-century or 19th Century are the most sought-after home décor items by famous interior designers. Because of these, vintage items will always be in top choices for home decoration in 2018.


    Florals and warmth will be main senses of reflection for home decoration in the new year. Floral pictures, designs in home decoration beautify homes. Colors of nature; red, blue, green, orange, pink, brown and yellow give a sense of generous mother nature. Warmth is one of the most distinguished and expected feeling at home. Smart choices can bespoke warmth at home. Wool yarns, cotton textile always sensitize with warmth. Floral rugs with wool and cotton piles accomplish floral and warmth home décor trend very well. We recommend Bessarabian rugs, another name for Moldavian Floral Rugs resemble best examples of flora and warmth for interior decorations. These rugs often Kilim Rugs

    bear floral patterns  such as roses, leaves, trees and meadow. They sometime depict pictures children, young ladies. Bessarabian rugs were used to be flat woven from wool yarns with natural colors, floral and personified motifs. They were produced mainly to decorate walls in Eastern and Western European countries.


    Affordability is now top concerns of the interior designers and companies. You can create a heaven of living place with great budgets.  However, budget is the most important constraint in home décor. Especially with Vintage Rugs and Kilims prices can go up as high as 100 Grands per item. Antique rug dealers are unapproachable with limited budgets. Thanks to Internet and online shops, they made antique, semi-antique vintage rugs affordable. In the realm of internet, a lot of online suppliers compete against each other and brick-and-mortar rug shops. In fact, almost all brick and mortar rug shops have their online store with the same prices because of the competition in the web. provide  vast choices of affordable vintage hand made rugs starting from $99 including free shipment. The Orient Bazaar is established first in 1930 in Malatya province of Turkey, then moved to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul in 1970s.  Kilim RugsNow the The Orient Bazaar is selling vintage rugs, Kilim Rugs, kilim bags, kilim pillows, ikat pillows both  at online store as well as in the brick and mortar shop located in Bab-I Al-i rug wholesalers outlet in Istanbul. Its just few hundred yards away from The Grand Bazaar. If you are visiting Istanbul, don’t hesitate to drop by The Orient Bazaar to see large vintage collection a long with freshly served Turkish Coffee.

    Ozgur Agca
    Ozgur Agca


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