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Aura of Home Décor — Significance of Rugs

September 08, 2017

How a person adorns her usual surroundings, tells a lot about him as an individual. The way he chooses colors, patterns, and furnishes of his house conveys a great deal about his likes and dislikes. The aura of Home Decor is formed by one's choices.  Over that, the decors of a house play a bigger role than just enhancing the physical appearance of one's place. It brings a clearer and tranquil aura to a home, creates a sense of familiarity for the people who live there, and makes the place homely. Carpets and Rugs are crucial elements of home decoration which embodies and compliments living rooms, bed rooms, kitchen and halls. Turkish vintage rugs bring rich choices of color, texture,... Continue Reading →

Recent Trends in Home Decor; Patchwork Rugs

September 08, 2017

Patchwork Rugs Wondering what the Recent trends in home décor are?  People with bright and high-strung   personalities usually go for funky, and  trendy rugs like Patchwork Rugs. These rugs are brightly colored, and often personalized, also can be made to order so they can easily be matched with the rest of the room furnishings. They can be made to fit in with your current décor or you can choose a pattern that has its own individual style and craft your décor around it. It doesn't matter what style, or what way your house is decorated in as it is, the most significant part is to find something that goes in tone with it all, and patchwork rugs are the easiest... Continue Reading →


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